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It's the sixth session of our All Stars Programme this Sunday. I do not think we will have the seering sun of last week but it is still likely to be warm so water bottles are still essential.

Don't forget we will have the BBQ for your lunchtime snacks and there will be other refreshments available.

On July 9th it will be CricketFest17 which will include our annual Junior Tournament. The Club will be open all day for visitors to come and watch and get involved in cricket. Why not bring the family for a picnic? Remember there is no All Stars Cricket on that day.


24th June 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley

A much improved performance

I do not like losing! However, a loss does not mean doom and gloom. The U12s lost to Burnham but the performance of the players was excellent.

Sam kept up his record with the lucky 2p and won the toss. We fielded first. The bowling was much improved with fewer wides and no balls. The fielding was the best we have seen this season. There were no silly misfelds and the Burnham batsmen struggled to keep the score board moving. At the end of 20 overs the opposition total was 91......far fewer than the 150 their coach predicted!

It was a total that I felt we could reach. Our opening batsmen played very sensibly but the bowling was tight and it was increasingly difficult to push the score along. Eventually something had to give and James A was caught attempting a big hit, Alex was then trapped LBW to a ball that kept rather low. Sam hit some powerful blows but the run rate continued to rise and his well hit 23 was not enough to get us over the line. It was a valiant effort and the players should be proud of their efforts.

Question:Can U12s have beards? Answer: Yes it is possible but unusual. Facial hair in most boys develops with puberty between the ages of 14-16 years. OK Alex!


22nd June 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley

Getting closer!

The U10s were on parade tonight against Hawridge and Cholesbury. First we had 7 players, then we had 9 and finally we managed 10, a first full team for this season. But wait, injury to a player reduced us back to 9. By the time I got to the ground I felt I needed a good sit down!

Our team consisted of two of our youngest and smallest players, Spencer Wright and Jack Feltham. Jack was super nervous but once he had emerged from the car he was fine.

We batted first and our final total of 256 was perfectly respectable. We did lose a few wickets and our running between the wickets was at times a bit scary but the whole innings was a great improvement on the last couple of games. The H & C bowling was good and I am pleased to say that there were less wild swipes at the ball.

Our bowling was also much better with Jack and Spencer taking wickets. Much jubilation and handstands! Our fielding was not of the highest standard with wild hurling giving away overthrows, gifts for the opposition. Toby did a good job for a first effort as wicket keeper. 

Ultimately we lost by 12 runs but this was by no means a disgrace. It could so easily have gone in our favour. Another rung on the ladder of turning into a really good team, well done lads.



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Seems like some idiot has been trying to hack into our Junior website. I have tried to make this site secure but am not getting much help from our host. Still whoever it was cannot spell! Have now removed the offending material.

On to tonight when we hosted Ballinger U14s. Sadly, due to Ballinger not having enough players, we were forced to move the fixture so were without Chris and Seb. They were missed.

We fielded first and Ballinger amassed 138 thanks largely to two of their batsmen who each scored 50. One was a county player who had just scored 100 in a county game. We dropped a catch which allowed him to prosper. The bowling and fielding were otherwise pretty good. Everybody bowled with mixed results but the total we had to chase was gettable. 

Brandon and Ollie started well but perished to the dreaded straight ball as did most of the team. There was some spirited hitting but ultimately we ran up well short. Ballinger's ten year old spinner bamboozled three batsman who were not prepared to stride forward to meet the ball.

Everybody tried hard on a very hot and sultry evening. Next time we will do better.

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17th June 2017 Posted by Ed Taylor

17th June 2017 Posted by Ed Taylor

17th June 2017 Posted by Ed Taylor


 After the excitement of the game against Chalfont St Giles it was hoped the U10s could make it a double with a league game against Farnham Common.

We played an 8 a side game as neither we nor our opposition could get a full side.

I would like to report that we learnt lessons from our previous game and to a degree we did. Our batting was greatly improved. There was much less swishing across the line and all the players tried to be positive in their play. The opposition bowling was better than we faced previously which gave our players an improved chance of hitting the ball.

The bowling and fielding was disappointing. We still have not got our radar right and there was, again, a liberal amount of wides and no balls. For some odd reason we went rather to pot in the field. There was a lot of indiscriminate hurling of the ball and poor backing up. It could be that some of our players were tired after a full on week of matches.

Suffice to say we lost the game but really only have ourselves to blame.

The answer.....practise, practise, practise!

15th June 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley

The battle of the extras!

The weather was perfect for the U10 League meeting between WH and Chalfont St Giles.

We managed to get 9 players which good news. Henry Dayer-Smith, from the All Stars, came forward for his first hard ball game. Maya held the toss with the Chalfont Captain and we were to be in the field first.

The bowling order was decided and there were high hopes that we could snare some opposition wickets with some accurate bowling. Sadly this was not to be as bowler after bowler failed to bowl consistently. There were so many wides and no balls the poor umpires were getting tired arms! Chalfont's final total of 306 was mammoth and also amazing for the fact that only 9 runs came off the bat. One wicket was taken and that was a run out.

After a sumptuous tea of sandwiches and cake WH went in to bat. Chalfont's bowling rather mirrored ours and the umpires continued to stretch their arms. The one positive difference was that we managed to score 25 runs although we did lose three wickets. Stanley Matthews was the end of innings hero. With Chalfont edging ahead in the last over he first clubbed a four then a two to leave WH winners by three runs.

What a great game (for all the wrong reasons really!)

Clearly bowling practise is in order for everyone. Line and length, line and length and consistency. Let's see if those playing tomorrow show improvement.

14th June 2017 Posted by Glynis Culley