I am just starting to work on the administration for the new season. It is something I can easily do in the comfort of my chair! What I now find difficult is moving about, sadly my legs continue to cause me a problem.

So I am looking for three adult volunteers to take on the responsibility of team managers. The U10, U12 and U14 teams need someone to look after them throughout the season. It is not an onerous task as there will probably be no more than seven games to supervise. 

If you would like to take up the challenge please contact me.


Coaching for U12/U13 players.                                                                                                                                                The county has organised some coaching in the south of the county for any player not already involved in county coaching. It will be on Sunday afternoons in Marlow. If you are interested please contact me and I will forward you further information. 


15th January 2015 Posted by Glynis Culley

Trials and tribulations!

 Well done to all the WH players who attended County Trials. Some have been successful in being invited to attend winter coaching, some have not.

To those who will be having coaching/training, I hope you enjoy it and you bring all your skills back to use in the the WH team next summer. To those who were not successful I hope you come back to the Club and prove the selectors wrong! 

In the meanwhile I hope everybody has a great Christmas and  we get a cracking summer of cricket in 2015.

16th December 2014 Posted by Glynis Culley

11th December 2014 Posted by Glynis Culley


Is there any player/parent who would like to donate the Club a Cricket Coaching Mat. It would be an excellent addition to our coaching equipment.

Check out the website to see what it looks like......and the price!


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1st December 2014 Posted by Glynis Culley



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 http://www.buckscb.org/newsletters/BCB_News_Issue_11.pdf ...

Click on the above link to catch up with all the cricket news in Bucks.

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If you are interested in looking at the information regarding the Thames Valley Cricket Academy check out www.bca.ac.uk/the-college/academy-of-sport/cricket/

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 Are you interested in attending an umpires' course at a local venue in the New Year? (Thursday evenings)

If so, please contact me by email and I will forward you details.

Glynis     skinculley@aol.com

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The following still have to collect their award from the 2014 season:

Brandon Pooler, Libby Bakkes, Sam Richmond, Luke Maxwell, Noah Agnew, Elliot Arbibe, George Chone, Kate Finn, Nathan Lockwell, Silvie McKenzie, William McKenzie, Alex Moore, Jake Scotchbrook and Thomas Threlfall.

Please contact me on skinculley@aol.com to make arrangements to collect the award.

I cannot post these items to you. 

Thank you.


If you know any of the above people can you please make them aware of their award.

10th November 2014 Posted by Glynis Culley